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Welcome to the leading online facility for the informed purchase of functional insoles for different activities and footwear types. Functional insoles are intended to provide a biomechanical benefit to the wearer, promoting natural foot function and mitigating the stresses of various sports and activities on the foot, ankle and knee.​​


Our mission is to get the most suitable orthotics under the feet of those people for whom this will improve their quality of life or, as can often be the case, improve or extend a sporting pastime or career.

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This site is designed for individuals who are looking for insoles for a specific sport or pastime. Our expert explanations will help you to identify the best insoles and outline the biomechanical benefits that you can expect.

If you can’t find what you want or would like some advice, you can call a member of our helpful team on 02476 939915 or you can email us via the Contact page.

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Transforming Lives One Step At A Time

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Evidence Based

Lifetime Guarantee

Established Clinical Brand

Salfordinsole Blue

Deep heel cup

Accurate arch profile promotes natural foot function

Firm yet flexible

Individual sizing (not S, M, L etc)

Full length for optimum fit

Will work consistently, indefinitely

Machine washable

"These insoles have changed my life." Anna

"...given me the joy of walking again!" Robert

"I'll be recommending you to friends and family!" Zeehan

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