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Iliotibial Band Syndrome is one of the most common causes of lateral (outer) knee pain in runners. The ITB extends from the muscles of your hip, along the lateral side of your thigh and knee and attaches to the tibia. Its function is to stabilise the knee, but it can become inflamed when it is pulled in directions that it does not want to go. Although it can be referred to as Runner's Knee, it also affects other athletes, including cyclists. Poor biomechanics and over-pronation are common causes.

Symptoms are a stinging sensation just above and on the outer side of the knee where the ITB moves over the femur - also possibly below the knee where the ITB attaches to the tibia. Pain can intensify during activity and is most commonly felt when the foot strikes the ground. 

Over-pronation is a common contributor to ITBS and well-fitting, accurately profiled insoles can reduce the abnormal forces being placed on the knee. 

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