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Correctly profiled insoles that support every aspect of the foot, allowing natural management of the impact stresses of dancing on the foot, ankle and knee.

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Developed by

UK Biomechanics

Experts at

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Dance Better for Longer

Insoles for Dance Shoes


Most shoe-style dance shoes are supplied with no insole and have insufficient arch support to allow the foot and ankle to deal with the stresses of repetitive striking of the floor.


This can lead to a range of pronation related conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints and Achilles Tendonitis.


The Salford Insole

The Salford Insole was developed by clinical experts based on UK university research and is designed (and was tested) to conform to the precise structure of your foot.


It is designed to support the arch of the foot and align the foot, ankle and knee, to allow the lower limb to naturally disperse the stresses of dancing in shoes, on hard surfaces. (Soft, non-supportive insoles will be ineffective).

It's how the professionals' do it.

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Children's Sizes


Salford Insoles are individually sized for a superior fit and are available in children's sizes from size UK 12/EU 30 through to an Adult Size 11/EU 46.

They are machine washable, with low odour properties, will work consistently and last indefinitely.


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Established clinical brand

Support feet in entirety

Reduce foot pain and fatigue

Individual sizes for optimum fit

Machine washable

Will never need replacing!

The Salford Insole for

Dance Shoes




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Anybody who is looking seriously for effective arch support insoles should invest in these.

- Stuart, Podiatrist

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