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These insoles will optimise your foot biomechanics and transform your experience of wearing work boots or shoes all day. They will help you to avoid pain and reduce risk of injury.

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A spin-out company of

School of Podiatry

Recommended By

Occupational Health Experts

Insoles for Work Boots


Most work boots lack adequate support, leaving your feet in contact with a hard, flat surface.

Your feet are not designed for hard surfaces and it is common for them to over pronate (where the arch flattens), when walking or even just standing. The effect of this gets magnified over the working day and leads to a range of common conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain), Shin Splints and Achilles Tendonitis.

There is a very simple fix.

The Salford Insole

The Salford Insole, with its accurate arch profile and deep heel cup, is uniquely effective at controlling pronation.


Developed by clinical experts and based on UK university research, it is designed to support your foot in its entirety, promoting natural function and compensating for the lack of in-built support.

It has a lifetime guarantee, is machine washable and will work consistently, indefinitely.

Flat, soft insoles that do not support the foot will be ineffective.

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Transforming Lives

One Step At A Time



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Established clinical brand

Support feet in entirety

Reduce foot pain and fatigue

Individual sizes for optimum fit

Machine washable

Will never need replacing!

The Salford Insole for

Work Boots




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Absolutely delighted with my order and have recommended Salfordinsole to the lads on the shop floor - so look out for more orders!

- Nick, Swindon

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