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UK's Best Insoles for  

Shin Splints


These insoles are an established intervention for Shin Splints that is based on expert clinical practice.

Evidence-based and anatomically precise features support all elements of the foot and permit natural management of the stresses of running on hard surfaces, eliminating Shin Splints.

NHS Approved

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

✔ UK Developed & UK Made


Why you should trust Salfordinsole™ to treat Shin Splints

Insoles for Shin Splints are a routine and highly effective treatment for shin pain. The Salfordinsole Orthotics Range comprises different styles of insole that all share the same upper surface geometry, differing only in material construction. This is because intervention needs can vary depending on age, activity levels and footwear choice.


The geometry of the Salfordinsole was developed over a two year period and hundreds of structured patient trials, with test devices that were hand crafted from a large sample of high quality foot casts taken from patients with known symptoms.


Uniquely, the result was a device that was produced from the cast that gave the best patient outcomes, so it really does deliver the closest to full custom insole results, anywhere.

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