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Insoles for  

Lateral Ankle Instability

Chronic Lateral Ankle Sprain


This common condition is characterised by a recurring giving way of the lateral (outer) side of the ankle and regularly develops after repeated ankle sprains.

Insoles that offer lateral support to the foot have been found to play a significant role in living with lateral ankle instability, helping to prevent the foot from rolling out.


Salfordinsole™ Lateral Wedge Technology insoles have a built-in 5° lateral wedge to support the lateral aspect of the foot. 

These insoles were designed specifically for this purpose and are unique within the UK podiatry profession. Suitable for any level of exercise, they fit well into all types of recreational and sports footwear. 

Insoles that do not provide lateral support will be ineffective.

These insoles are from our clinical range which is in use throughout the UK podiatry profession.


You can use them with confidence.

Salfordinsole™ 2020

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