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Ready to try some Orthotics?

If you've already had some advice or you know exactly what the condition is that needs correcting, then maybe it's time to just try some orthotics. There is little short term risk - if they are uncomfortable or cause you any pain, just take them out.

Prefer to see a Podiatrist?

If you are in any doubt about the best way forward, then maybe a Biomechanics Assessment would be advisable?  When treating any condition with orthotics, it is entirely possible that other problems can arise. When treating symptoms at the foot,  for example, consideration must be given to effects at the ankle and knee (and vice versa).

To a trained eye, other issues can be apparent. Leg length discrepancy, for example, is very common but not identified by patients. Some conditions can be confused with others when symptoms are similar.

There are a wide range of common conditions which many keen sports people know and can name, there are others that they can't.

We provide Clinical Podiatry Services on our own premises and have a network of trusted, registered partners to whom we can direct you.

As well as the various prefabricated orthotcs that we supply, we can also provide you with Semi Bespoke and Full Custom Orthotics usually, but not exclusively, via a podiatrist. We can manufacture, for example, from existing prescriptions.

The Insole

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