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Insoles for Achilles Tendonitis

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon which results in varying levels of pain and discomfort, even at rest. This is the body's natural response to injury or overuse. Achilles Tendonitis most commonly occurs among athletes who are training under less than ideal conditions (hard surfaces, tired footwear, sudden increase in activity levels) when running, lunging and/or jumping. Early intervention to reduce the stress on the tendon is essential as the tendon itself does not have good blood supply and natural recovery otherwise takes time and involves rest.

Symptoms are pain and stiffness in the back of your foot/ankle, above your heel, particularly when stretching your ankle or standing on your toes. Pain can be at its most severe the day after taking the exercise that caused it.

Well-fitting, correctly sized orthotics reduce the stress on the Achilles tendon by supporting the heel. It is very common to reduce the stress further by adding a simple heel raise to each foot, particularly where the tendon may be under developed anyway or have begun to degenerate through the stress of AT.

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