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  • Reduces the stress on the Achilles Tendon by supporting the heel
  • Heel raises (supplied) further reduce stress where the tendon may be under developed or have begun to degenerate through the stress of AT
  • Prompt intervention is essential for Achilles Tendonitis
  • Slim fit for all types of footwear
  • Excellent patient compliance and fast results - buy with confidence
  • Established Clinical Brand
  • Three for Two Offer (Enter Promo Code "342" in Cart)

SI™ ¾ SLIM FIT EVA Insoles for Achilles Tendonitis (Incl. Heel Raises)

  • Salfordinsole is a spin-out company from the world renowned University of Salford School of Podiatry based in Manchester, England.

    All Salfordinsole orthotics are based on the same, fully researched, evidence based geometry and have been proven to reduce pronation.

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