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Product Information


  • Proven to reduce pronation.
  • Fully Researched at University of Salford's School of Podiatry, UK,
  • Provide effective relief from the symptoms of conditions related to over pronation of the foot.
  • Referred to as 3/4 length, the geometry of this device is extracted from the proven Salfordinsole full length orthotic.
  • ¾ Length device is slimmer fitting for use in a wider range of shoes, e.g. ladies, men’s dress and children’s shoes.
  • Anti-Microbial top cover provides grip and acts as a moisture barrier.




  • Individually sized for Optimum Fit. (i.e. not S/M/L etc.)
  • Available in wide range of UK Sizes (1-12)
  • Patients who usually take 1/2 size are advised to take the next size up - this helps to prevent movement in the shoe.


Who can benefit from these Orthotics?


  • These Orthotics are designed for any relatively active person.
  • They provide effective arch support and pronation control for individuals who have normal levels of natural fatty padding.
  • Lighter material makes these perfect for sports use.

Salfordinsole™ ¾ Length Slim Fit EVA Insoles

  • Salfordinsole is a spin-out company from the world renowned University of Salford School of Podiatry based in Manchester, England.

    All Salfordinsole orthotics are based on the same, fully researched, evidence based geometry and have been proven to reduce pronation.

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