Salfordinsole™ Control & Offload Insoles (with Bar)

Salfordinsole™ Control & Offload Insoles (with Bar)


Product Information


  • University Researched.
  • Proven to reduce pronation.
  • Metatarsal Bar to Relieve Pressure in Forefoot.
  • Provide effective relief from the symptoms of conditions related to over pronation of the foot.
  • Targeted at those requiring forefoot protection, e.g. older patients, those involved in high impact sports.
  • Anti-Microbial top cover provides grip and acts as a moisture barrier.




  • Individually sized for Optimum Fit. (i.e. not S/M/L etc.)
  • Available in 8 UK Sizes (4-11)
  • Patients who usually take 1/2 size are advised to take the next size up - this helps to prevent movement in the shoe.


Who can benefit from these Orthotics?


  • These Orthotics are designed for any relatively active person.
  • They provide effective arch support and pronation control for individuals who have normal levels of natural fatty padding.
  • Lighter material makes these perfect for sports use.